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  • 1. I recently purchased a BenQ monitor and have been trying to connect it to my note book with the HDMI cable. But I keep getting a message "No Cable Connected" on the monitor. What suggestion you can provide to me for solving this problem? Open
  • 2. I am trying to connect my BenQ monitor to my computer with the HDMI cable, but I keep getting a message “No Cable Connected” or “No Signal Detected”. What is wrong? Open
  • 3. After installation of GW or GL series monitor for the first time, the monitor stand is tilted slighted. What is wrong? Open
  • 4. Does W1300 have CEC implemented? Open
  • 5. Does BenQ QPresenter support Windows phones? Open
  • 6. Does BenQ QCast support Windows phones? Open
  • 7. Do we need a receiver to use PointDraw Pen with MW870UST? Open
  • 8. Does MH740 support wireless Lan display? Open
  • 9. Why can't JM-250 detect end users' external hark disk? Open
  • 10. Why JM-250 can’t detect some user's external hard disk? Open

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