Samsung Level U wireless headset (EO-BG920) review

I can not imagine how you can use the phone without a wireless headset, for me it is a necessary element of life. In the car, the headset is handy when I don't want to output the sound to the car system to talk privately, while walking I listen to podcasts and answer calls, and my hands remain free. A few years ago, through trial and error, I came up with a formula for convenience - the headset should be on the neck, but not in the ears. If you constantly wear headphones, then you begin to isolate yourself from the outside world, and your ears themselves ache from many hours of violence. Therefore, my choice was headsets that can be called flip-flop, they hang around the neck, and if necessary, the earpiece (s) can be plugged into the ear in a second, for example, when you have an incoming call. Their pluses include good working time, good voice quality.

Over the past year, my headset has been the Gear Circle, a kind of necklace, because the headphones are magnetic and snap on when you're not using them.

In Level U, the semicircle of the main unit is made with special polyurethane inserts, the headphones adapt to the neck and flexibly cover it. The design is such that there is no discomfort, the headphones fit snugly, do not fall off even with sudden movements or running. Let me remind you that in Circle the main unit often slipped from the neck to the side, I had to adjust the headphones. There is no trace of this here, they sit on the neck exactly the way you put them on.

On the right, in a semicircle, there are three buttons - answering a call or hanging up, as well as adjusting the volume, they are also responsible for rewinding songs. Finding the buttons by touch is very easy, touch controls, like on Circle, were abandoned here. The power button is located on the back of the unit, it is also easy to find by touch.

The headset has two microphones, one on the back surface, the second on the right rim, at the very end. A system of two microphones is needed in order to remove external noise and echo. It should be noted that it does not work very stable - sometimes the quality of speech transmission (your voice to the interlocutor) is excellent, as if you are next to him, and sometimes the sound level is too low, people cannot hear you Honda Cars in Kubwa. I think that this is directly related to the sound processing algorithm, it is far from ideal. Moreover, it happens that everything works on a noisy street, but does not work in a room where there is polyphony and hubbub. And it happens that it does not work even on a noisy street. But always works in relatively quiet places, such as in a moving car or in an office. Comparing the headset with other similar devices, I have to note that all stereo headsets suffer from this. What is the reason for this, it is not clear to me, either a design feature, or savings on directional microphones. Mono headsets from well-known companies almost always win in terms of quality.

In this headset, we decided to pay special attention to the sound when playing music. A year ago, I was surprised by how Circle sounds, it was a good wireless headset (wireless, which is always a compromise). Compared to the Level U, the Circle's audio capabilities seem to be much weaker. Firstly, Level U is noticeably louder and clearer in playing music. This was made possible by the use of 12 mm drivers and a new design of silicone pads (they are included in three sizes). Secondly, when listening to Circle for more than an hour and a half, the music still becomes boring, the sound becomes insipid, fatigue appears. This is not observed in Level U, the headset sounded like high-quality wired headphones in the middle price group. Of course, everyone has their own ideas about beauty, so try to listen to how Level U sounds, it is possible that such a sound will be unusual and not very comfortable for you.

The built-in Li-Ion battery is charged via a microUSB cable (included), you can charge it from a PC or from a power outlet. The charging time in both cases is the same, it is 1.5-2 hours. The indicator on the case indicates that the headset is charged, the color changes from red to green.

In standby mode, the headset works up to 500 hours, when listening to music - up to 10 hours, when talking - up to 11 hours. On average, I have enough for three days of use, then I need to charge it.

As in Circle, it is proposed to install an application, but now it is called Level, while the settings and capabilities remain exactly the same. This application adds text-to-speech translation, the headset can read notifications aloud, and you can customize which programs you want to hear them from. This feature only works with Samsung phones, as well as the equalizer settings, but otherwise there are no restrictions in order to use headphones with any phone, you just don't get the maximum possible.

The headset supports codecs such as SBC, apt-X, Samsung HD Voice.

There are four color options for the headset: dark blue, metallic blue, gold and white.

It remains to be said that the headset supports two phones (devices) at the same time, you can receive calls on them. The first registered phone becomes the main one.

You can set up voice dialing (only for Samsung phones), set vibration on incoming calls (handy, especially in noisy environments).

The headset is priced at $70 in the US, slightly less in Europe. In Russia, the price was set at the same level as for Circle - 3,990 rubles. In principle, it is now more profitable to buy such accessories in Russia, the price is more than adequate.

I liked this headset, it is comfortable and good for everyday use. Despite a number of flaws with sound transmission, I can say that they are typical for all products that I used, there is no exception. Otherwise, this is a good example of a quality product with good sound.