Review and feedback on CGPods 5.0 and Lite wireless headphones

It is always more interesting to talk about the technique that you use yourself almost every day. In this review, we will talk about "family" wireless headphones, more precisely, about two models. I myself have been operating one for almost a year and a half, and my wife has been using the other for about six months. After the specified time, the experience turned out to be generally positive, so I consider it necessary to share it with the audience. Still, there are not many in-depth reviews of wireless headphones. Basically, we are “fed” with all sorts of thoughtless, low-content articles like “TOP 10 Wireless Headphones”. Therefore, I wrote my material about cgpods headphones, practically a review of the products of the Tyumen brand CaseGuru. I hope for someone I can give an answer to the question of how to choose TWS type headphones in the outgoing 2020

Alexander Shub, professional reviewer of household appliances and electronic portable gadgets

The story of my acquaintance with CaseGuru products began in March 2019, with the preparation of a large comparative test of wireless headphones. The CaseGuru CGPods 4.2 is a winner against competitors such as Meizu Pop, first generation Apple AirPods, Elari NanoPods and CaseGuru CGPods. I liked the Tyumen "ears" so much that since then they have remained in personal constant use. Whereas the "apples" and other competitors did not impress me too much and went back to the editorial office. A little later, CaseGuru CGPods 4.2 was replaced by an updated version of CaseGuru CGPods 5.0. The key difference was support for Bluetooth 5.0 instead of 4.2. I will tell you more about the advantages of this solution. So, briefly about the heroes of the material.

Instance number one is CaseGuru CGPods 5.0. The manufacturer calls his brainchild “The best wireless headphones of the new generation. With unique water protection and mega-stable smartphone connection.” Under the new generation of headphones, the developer apparently means that CaseGuru CGPods 5.0 are crammed with the most relevant features (more details below). And CaseGuru also clarifies - they say, you won’t find cooler inexpensive headphones during the day with fire. The model costs 4,500 rubles. This is 1-2 thousand below the minimum, where, in my opinion, TWS devices begin, more or less sound in terms of sound and functions.

I'll tell you right away what is the secret of the attractive price tag of CaseGuru CGPods 5.0, as well as other Tyumen products. To begin with, the principle position of the brand is no sales through federal networks of electronics and household appliances! Because getting into such offline stores automatically means at least + 50% to the price. There are no questions - rent, salaries of consultants, warehouse, logistics, etc. But CaseGuru immediately limited itself exclusively to trading via the Internet, and therefore there are no overpayments to intermediaries here. To be quite precise, the company has a "super-pretentious" showroom warehouse in Moscow.

Not exactly a show, but rather a modest CaseGuru room in Moscow.

But there is a suspicion that these "luxurious" 12 square meters next to a couple of car services do not greatly affect the price of headphones. The Tyumen central office with a team of 15 employees is also, I believe, not a completely ruinous undertaking. By the way, the secret of such a small team is that most of the non-key processes are outsourced. A logical and modern approach, so as not to produce parasites on the salary - which would naturally be reflected in the retail price.

In short and to the point, the model has powerful IPX6 moisture protection, a heavy-duty case made of professional aviation aluminum (withstanding a load of 220 kg of weight). By the way, Boeings are made of such aluminum.

Just a couple of days before the publication of this material, one of the bloggers tested the CaseGuru CGPods 5.0 case for strength using an electric press. It turned out that the “chest” can withstand a load of 220 kg. That is, for example, two VAZ-2107 engines can be put on it. For comparison, an “apple” case was tested - here the strength was only enough up to 84 kg. In general, a grown man will definitely crush a white case.

And also - touch buttons with many commands, no fools, great sound and decent total autonomy

17 hours. I almost forgot - there are additional hypoallergenic silicone spacers to completely prevent falling out of the ears.

A useful feature if you play sports with headphones on. CaseGuru CGPods 5.0 are based on Bluetooth 5.0, which provides a more stable connection between the headphones and with your smartphone. And at the same time eliminates the delay of sound when watching a video - a typical “sore” of Bluetooth 4.2.

CaseGuru CGPods 5.0 are available in both black and white case/headphone colors.

Instance number two is CaseGuru CGPods Lite. The thief of women's hearts, you can't say otherwise! As soon as I got it for the test, my wife immediately took it away for herself and categorically does not want to give it away. Because the model has the smallest anti-stress case in the world (more on that later). The case, by the way, is in the form of a jewelry case. And the headphones themselves - well, very compact and cute "plugs".

Almost all the advantages of CaseGuru CGPods 5.0 are added to the design delights, namely, IPX6 moisture protection, almost a dozen control commands, excellent autonomy (20 hours). The case turned out to be outstanding not only due to its minimal size, but also because of the soft-touch coating that is pleasant to the touch. The model costs 3,500 rubles, in fact, this is already an extra-budget segment. And again, the lowest price against the background of more or less decent models of not the latest brands in the field of TWS headphones. Let me remind you that due to sales only via the Internet, a compact staff of 15 people and a modest office in Tyumen (plus a micro-showroom in Moscow), CaseGuru manages to avoid a markup of +50% or even +100% to the price. This is exactly what happens in the case of brands whose products are presented in regular, NOT online retail.

About company

The founder of the brand is Vadim Bokov, a detailed interview with him is on the YouTube channel of Dmitry "Goblin" Puchkov.

The company is not Moscow or even St. Petersburg, but Tyumen (Vadim himself is from Surgut).

Vadim Bokov, founder and head of CaseGuru brand

Here, in Tyumen, is the office of these comrades. Before getting to the headphones, CaseGuru has been producing all kinds of accessories for smartphones under their brand for almost 10 years - speakers, cases, films, cables, chargers, external batteries. Moreover, if it was about electronics like power banks, the brand considered it too boring to bring ordinary products from Chinese catalogs. Instead, the Chinese, on the terms of reference of CaseGuru employees, developed new models or modified existing ones.

CaseGuru CGPower external battery. The brand's most popular product after headphones. A vivid example of how Russians can have fun and make "candy" out of a dull Chinese exercise. The Tyumen team, in a conversation with the Chinese, said a lot of things with the prefix “let's do it like this”, after which the standard power bank received three (.) options for charging ports, two built-in cables (microUSB and USB Type-C) and stored directly in the model case Lightning adapter. And this is all crowned with the possibility of wireless charging of the smartphone. Not an external battery, but shock content in the world of power banks turned out. For 2,400 rubles - these are some pennies for such a set. I still don’t see any analogues on Yandex.Market.

And, it should be noted, they produced very successfully - they sold more than 15 million units in Russia.

In the wake of such a powerful experience with portable accessories, we came to a situation that from time to time takes place in the domestic market. This is when our citizens clearly understand what level of technology and quality the product they want to receive. And, realizing this, persistently implement their plans. Including competently working with Chinese partner contractors. Because if you stand above the soul of the performers and firmly indicate what to fix and finish, then the result is a very shameless product. And if the customer himself is not boom-boom in the subject and the only task is “to bring a couple of suitcases to the shelves, no matter what headphones, the main thing is cheap”, then the result is appropriate.

CaseGuru's sound design approach has been complemented by a thoughtful price on par with AliExpress products. As I have already noted, the company deliberately abandoned traditional retail stores and offline retailers. The CaseGuru CGPods are available for purchase online only. Otherwise, the models would cost 1.5-2 times more.

Besides, only 15 staff members in an ordinary Tyumen office and relatively low marketing costs also allow us not to raise the price tag on products. Only a tiny showroom near the Petrovsko-Razumovskaya metro station connects CaseGuru with Moscow. And even then it is rather a warehouse - for fast delivery in Moscow and the western part of Russia.

Without outlet

My review of 2020 TWS wireless headphones starts with autonomy, as this is one of the most important things for TWS models. The manufacturer claims that in CaseGuru CGPods 5.0, due to the support of Bluetooth 5.0, it was possible to achieve a significant, almost 30% improvement in autonomy. We are talking about the ability of headphones to continuously play music for 4 hours. And taking into account recharging from the case, it comes out 17 hours. And this is a very decent result, because, according to my observations, most TWS models are still “hanging out” around 10-12 hours. Although there is a minority in the face of the "apples" of the second generation with their total approximately 24 hours.

The only sad thing is that manufacturers like to lie. Well, or to report things in the perspective they need. If we talk about the autonomy of the headphones, no one guarantees you those same 4 hours without recharging, say, at 100% volume. No manufacturer in the world ever specifies with which smartphone, at what volume this or that result was measured. In the case of CaseGuru CGPods 5.0, fortunately, the stated information turned out to be not far from the truth in reality.

I managed to measure 4 hours at 60-70% volume. And this is a normal daily level, as for me, for the bulk of consumers. Because the volume is enough for both music and conversations.

But if you like 80-90% decibels available in headphones, get a little over three hours on a single charge and about 12 hours in total. Which is also ... Well, because in analogs, when you specify such autonomy, you will get absolutely shameful in total 8-9 hours at high volume.

The second model, CaseGuru CGPods Lite, came out of the "small but bold" series. It would seem that they are “light” to be inferior to the brutal CaseGuru CGPods 5.0, but no! The final autonomy is 20 hours, almost like apples 2. This was achieved due to a more capacious battery in the case. Thanks to this, we get plus one full charge.

The operation from one full charge is similar to CaseGuru CGPods 5.0. With a moderate volume of up to 70%, we get about four hours. Turning on the music louder will cost you minus one hour of autonomy and a total of up to 16 hours. It would be foolish to regret this - we remember that equally budgetary counterparts are considered lucky to even slightly overcome the mark of 10 hours. Of course, “apples” have 2 and 24 hours at all, but the price is almost four times higher compared to CaseGuru CGPods Lite.

Delivery set

The concept of the models is felt right by the size of the boxes. CaseGuru CGPods 5.0 has large packaging to emphasize the presence of a tall, heavy-duty professional case. CaseGuru CGPods Lite is, on the contrary, quite small.

CaseGuru CGPods 5.0 comes with a case, headphones, spare spacers, three types of ear pads (including those already installed), a microUSB cable and detailed instructions in Russian.

CaseGuru CGPods Lite offer a similar kit, minus the interchangeable struts. In general, almost any wireless headphones, even top-level ones in 2020, contain such a kit.


The "chests" of the models are so different that it is useless to compare them with each other. Therefore, I will walk separately.

CaseGuru CGPods 5.0. A clear break in the pattern among wireless earbuds. Cylindrical case made of durable professional aircraft-grade aluminum. Withstands a load of up to 100 kg. And there is a lot of confirmation from reviewers, for example, here:

The aluminum body idea is great. Without hesitation and regrets, you can throw it into a backpack even with a set of wrenches. The humor is that if scratches and scuffs appear on the case, then they will only decorate the sparkling case. Some kind of stylization, yeah.

Inside the aluminum housing is a plastic "cradle" for headphones. By rotating the right side of the case, we sort of open and close it. Agree, original approach.

There are two magnets in the case, one in the area of ​​the recesses for each earpiece. Therefore, when you bring the “ear” up, it immediately begins to attract and, without additional effort, sits itself correctly.

Four blue diodes indicate the charge level of the built-in battery.

There is a microUSB charging port on the left.

As I mentioned above, CaseGuru CGPods 5.0 are available in both white and black.

A commendable variety. It seems to me that the combination of a matte white “capsule” with a light metal shell seems to be the most successful.

CaseGuru CGPods Lite. Oh, it's the world's smallest wireless headphone case! Here are a couple of photos that perfectly give an idea of ​​the dimensions of the "chest".

The case turned out to be so "talented" that I don't even know where to start. Perhaps from the form. Due to the strong rounding of all edges and corners, the case most of all resembles sea pebbles. The brand’s Instagram even has a whole story about how one of the employees was walking along a pebble beach while relaxing, took a pebble in his hand and realized: here it is, eureka! I don’t presume to judge the veracity of the story, but it sounds beautiful.

Even on the Internet, the CaseGuru CGPods Lite case was nicknamed the “anti-stress case”. Like, you just don’t want to let go of it: you twist it, you open it, you close the lid with a cool click.

In addition to miniaturization, as for me, the key feature of the case is the soft-touch coating, which I don’t remember at all from other manufacturers. "Storage" is not only pleasant to the touch, but also looks very cool, I would even say - noble.

And this applies to both white and black versions.

The female gender in general - almost faints from the CaseGuru CGPods Lite case, it looks so attractive. Tested on my wife and her friends. Apparently, it resembles a case for "jewelry". Actually, when I first looked at CaseGuru CGPods Lite, I had just such an association.

The coating is non-marking, there are no scratches on it yet. Although the wife always wears a case in a women's backpack. So everything is in order with wear resistance.

Similar to the CaseGuru CGPods 5.0 case, there are four charge level indicators and a microUSB port.

Headphone design

CaseGuru CGPods 5.0. Apparently, when developing the model, the creators primarily relied on maximum reliability in terms of holding in the ears. Therefore, the shape of the "ears" itself most of all resembles a pill with rounded edges. To fill the space of the auricle, but at the same time, due to smooth transitions, do not press anywhere - the headphones are very comfortable and soft in the ears.

Of course, the main design feature is silicone spacers. With this option, the headphones will not fall out. And I would not say that this advantage is useful only to athletes. For example, I personally find it difficult to get ordinary “earplugs” to stick tightly in my ears. Therefore, I was very glad that CaseGuru CGPods appeared on sale.

An excellent solution - interchangeable spacers. On the one hand, they can be removed altogether. On the other hand, clean it separately or replace it with new ones. Let me remind you that a spare pair is included in the kit. The spacers have optimal elasticity - they create the necessary support, but at the same time they do not rest too much on the skin. Therefore, after an hour or two of using CaseGuru CGPods 5.0, it is still convenient to be in them.

Of the design frills, there is perhaps a matte silver circle on the side. At the same time, this element clearly denotes a touch pad.

All the space inside the silvery circle is one solid touch surface.

CaseGuru CGPods Lite. The appearance of the headphones is to match the case, the ultimate miniaturization in size. No sweeping sidewalls, intricate, allegedly anatomical forms. Just L-shaped "ears" that are barely noticeable. They hold well, even with a special shake of the head, I never flew out. But for sports fans, of course, it is better to take a closer look at CaseGuru CGPods 5.0 with struts.

Headphones are made of slightly glossy plastic. The side is an insert-button made of rubberized material with a matte surface.

There is a diode indicator on the case that notifies you about the status of charging or connection with a smartphone.

The build quality is just excellent: the buttons do not play, the parts of the case are connected tightly. You take it right in your hands and understand - a thing!


The CGPods forgot to add the function to call a taxi and start the kettle. Shutka! All other useful options for remote control of your smartphone are available. These are truly exemplary top-class wireless headphones. Both CaseGuru CGPods 5.0 and CGPods Lite have almost a dozen commands available, here is the full list:

  • microphone on/off;
  • recall the last dialed subscriber;
  • answer/reject an incoming call;
  • pause/play music;
  • volume up/down;
  • switch between tracks;
  • call voice assistant.

For comparison, as a rule, brands do not bother with TWS headphones and do not add volume control and track rewind at all. That is, you are walking all of yourself wireless down the street with your hands free. But if you want to switch the track in Deezer - go ahead, reach into your pocket, take out your smartphone, turn it on, poke your finger ... Hey, we definitely live in the 21st century ?! Is it possible to push yourself a little and make a well-thought-out product? Otherwise, somehow this all does not fit with the proud “wireless headphones of the 2020 model”.

In my CaseGuru CGPods 5.0, I double-tap the right earbud and immediately go to the next track. Magic! Want more magic?

If I double-tap my left ear, then... Skip to the previous song! The same with the volume, press on the right - plus the sound, on the left - turn down the decibels. Can you smell what? Yes, logic and common sense! Straight from Tyumen!

For me, for example, it remains a mystery how, against the backdrop of this splendor in completely affordable "ears", someone else can tolerate expensive "apples" 2 with their choice from a grandiose, do not fall, list of five teams . "Choice" - because you can assign only three pieces to work. It seems to me that even if the Stubborn Man releases a car without wheels, people will drag it along on a cable and say: “No, well, this is the Stubborn Man! Modern advanced technologies, they know better than anything.”

The headphone control methods in Tyumen models are diametrically opposed. CaseGuru CGPods 5.0 are touch buttons, CGPods Lite are hardware keys. In short, I prefer the “light” option, because any false positives are physically excluded here. Another thing - willy-nilly you press the keys with some effort, that is, you involuntarily ram the earpiece into your ear. But hold it as you like - you definitely won’t turn on the player and rewind a couple of tracks while you take the “ears” out of the case and adjust their position.

On the other hand, the likelihood of false positives famously crosses out the ecstasy of touch control. I gently stroke the earpiece to control the tracks, the volume, I can call the last number. By the way, my wife liked the touch controls in CaseGuru CGPods 5.0 more than the push buttons in CGPods Lite. But outweighed the diminutiveness of the "lights" :)

Do you have any idea how cool this is? So - I definitely recommend CaseGuru CGPods 5.0 to geeks. "Lights" is the choice for those who want to get a reliable, "not mad" smartphone management tool.

Moisture protection

Atypical section for reviewing TWS wireless headphones, right? Last but not least, my choice was CaseGuru CGPods 5.0 and Lite precisely because of the presence of water protection. Whereas such an option is still observed in an extremely small number of TWS models. Which is very strange. Judge for yourself - separate tiny headphones ... Obviously, they can easily be dropped, for example, into a puddle. Well, pouring an overturned mug with tea or coffee is generally a classic.

At least in the rain, it's more interesting to walk with music! No, I understand manufacturers. As they say, purely business, nothing personal. It is much more profitable for companies that, at the slightest ingress of moisture, the buyer immediately ran for new headphones. Especially if your company is called "Yablochko", and "ears" cost 13,500 rubles.

But how can simple Tyumen guys care about these sharks of business! Domestic comrades “wrapped” into their models not some kind of protection against droplets, but quite