Samsung SBH-600 stereo Bluetooth headset review

I have been waiting for a similar solution from the company for a long time, it is very necessary. And not only for phones, for example, if you take a closer look at Sony's product range, you will see many positions there that complement each other, intersect both directly and indirectly, an infrastructure is being created that directly affects the usability of a particular gadget. . For example, remember the Sony BT-DR50 headphones, they are not only designed for phones, they are recommended to be used with the Walkman (this has become especially relevant with the advent of players with built-in Bluetooth), and with UX series laptops, and with Playstation, and in a home theater system . Samsung now also has its own world, in which the SBH-600 fits perfectly, here you have the UMPC Q1 Ultra, and its own home theaters, plasma TVs, Bluetooth players, A2DP-enabled phones and so on. Accordingly, the solution is to some extent universal. And what is the main thing for universal solutions? In my opinion, vitality, so that over time you use this little thing with different techniques and do not feel disappointed. I remember my Logitech mouse with Bluetooth, I don’t remember the model, it was the first experience of the company (maybe, remember, it still had a “blue-toothed” hub in the cradle), it saw almost a dozen computers, about the same number of laptops, was used and just as a “connector” between a phone and a PC, I don’t remember how many years have passed, five or even more, but it still works. A great example, in my opinion.

Design, construction

I'll say right away that I like the design of the headset, the most interesting thing is that Fashion in Ikeja retains its signature features, which began from the time of the SBH-100, the first device of its kind. Similar dark gray plastic, as if varnished, similar key design, and so on. I liked that genuine leather is used in the headband and ear cushions, and not some kind of leatherette. But there are some moments that frankly disappointed. For example, this applies to hinges and adjustments on the head, these details are made somehow uninteresting, budgetary - rough, inexpensive black plastic, there is no tangible fixation, squeaks, "chatter" and so on. In addition, a lot of superfluous, in my opinion, things were left for the contemplation of consumers, self-tapping screws could be hidden with plugs, all sorts of grooves and notches could simply be removed.

As you can see, the cups here are of a non-standard shape, this is done for the sake of design, but below I will talk about why this is bad. However, this approach looks interesting, even rich in some ways, the product does not look like a craft from an unknown company, on the contrary, two logos on each cup speak eloquently that it is Samsung. Why there are so many of them is unclear.

In principle, the headset is assembled quite tightly, the microphone hole is located on the left side at the bottom, next to it is a 3.5 mm jack for connecting a regular cable (that is, if the battery is dead, then you can easily connect it with a wire to a laptop, player, phone etc). The charger connector is located on the right cup, it is traditionally covered with a sliding curtain.

Wearing style, comfort

Probably, you shouldn't say anything about the method, everything is clear anyway. Another thing is how convenient it is. Firstly, I was immediately alerted by the unusual shape, as if ordinary oval cups were slightly trimmed for the sake of God knows what. Secondly, they were also made small. Thirdly, the headband could have been bigger, even when I pulled the guides to the maximum, I didn’t have enough space, a little bit, but not enough. In the end, we can not say that it was very comfortable. Ears do not fit into the cups, the device sits somehow not quite naturally, and this did not give me rest. There is no downright complete convenience, as, say, in the case of the Sony BT-DR50. Yes, they are a little bigger, but you can put up with this, because these products are by and large designed for home, office, recreation, walking, and not for subway trips to work and back. One thing is good - the ears do not hurt. Yes, and you can get used to such a design, although it's up to you to decide. If you can get used to jeans that are a little short and show off your socks a little bit, then you can get used to this too.

Here's a little more, a more authentic headband, and it would be just right. Maybe that's the way it is, but I just don't get it?

The headset, by the way, is not at all heavy, weighs only about 150 grams, and is almost not felt on the head.


In my unprofessional opinion, with the management, the company's engineers messed up something, as they say. Probably for the sake of the designers. For, firstly, almost all the keys are flush with the body, they do not protrude much. Secondly, they are very scattered, I have been using the headset since autumn, but ask me on which ear the volume rocker is located, I can hardly remember (on the left). So what else is there? There are sliding “toggle switches” on the front ends, on the right earpiece it is responsible for switching music modes (normal, stereo extension, bass boost), on the left earphone – for turning the device on and off. To enter the device into pairing mode, you need to press the answer key on the left earpiece and, while holding it, turn on the headset until the indicator light turns solid blue. By the way, it is located in front above the power key, periodically blinking blue or green, depending on what you are doing with the device. There is another indicator on the right earpiece, it signals the start of a particular music mode. The rewind rocker is located below on the right “ear”, as I said above, it does not protrude much.

In fact, it is not difficult to understand the control, it is difficult to remember where everything is. For example, quite often, instead of turning on the bass boost, I simply turn off the SBH-600. It happens that instead of answering a call, I press the Play / Stop button on the right earpiece. It happens that instead of adjusting the volume, the songs are rewound. It is quite possible that you will learn how to control faster than me (a lot of devices in use do not positively affect the memorization of various nuances).

Meals, working hours

The manufacturer claims to work in playback mode for 11 hours, in standby mode - up to 300 hours. Compared to other over-ear headphones of this type, this is a small number. Moreover, in practice it is even less, the standard endurance test paired with the Nokia N81 8Gb showed that at full volume with the "normal" music mode turned on, the headset can work for eight hours at most. As a matter of fact, I assumed exactly this figure, I calculated it a long time ago using the product with a laptop. Look, I was watching a movie, listening to what was happening on the SBH-600, then turning it off. Again the next evening. On average, on a single charge, she worked five or six evenings, given that the average film is one hour twenty - one hour thirty minutes, we just get about eight hours. By the way, it's absolutely wonderful that it can work while charging, it has saved me more than once from going for wired headphones.

The charger here is standard for the company's headsets, with a thin pin, the connector is closed by a shutter.

Phone connection, sound quality

First of all, we need to talk about the voice functions, they are surprisingly good, similar to the SBH-700, the interlocutors do not notice that you are not talking on the phone, they only note that the volume is not very high. It is practically impossible to speak in the wind, this also applies to any other noisy conditions, the subway while moving, for example. In a quiet environment, everything is fine, there are no problems as such. All telephone functions work correctly, by pressing the answer key you can dial the last number, activate voice dialing (alas, I didn’t really like working in tandem with the N81 8Gb, the names were not found the first time), switching between lines. The model, like the SBH-700, has the rudimentary capabilities of working with two devices, but these are not two phones, but a player and a phone, it was not possible to pair immediately with two devices (N81 and a laptop), no matter how I tried.

Now a little about the musical possibilities: the headset is "charged" to the maximum. See for yourself, there is a built-in noise reduction system, meaning protection from external noise while listening to music, to be honest, it seemed difficult for me to notice the operation of the system. At the highest volume level, you already hear only music, moreover, if you listen to the headset for a long time at maximum, it is quite possible to either move slightly or get a shell shock, it “screams” too much. Moreover, even in very noisy conditions, you literally hear nothing but the composition, but when there are pauses in the stream, the surrounding background again falls into your ears. I don’t know, it’s hard to judge, but the “noise reduction” here seemed to me not very effective. In addition, there is also a proprietary ICE Power bass boost system, which can also be found in many phones and smartphones from Samsung. To activate the “amp”, you need to move the knob to the Bass position, and I’ll tell you, this little thing works great, the pounding in the ears becomes more noticeable, it’s interesting that there are no wheezing, and the rest is not muffled, a kind of pleasant boom appears. There is also an expansion of the stereo base, you need to move the knob to the Wide position, I didn’t understand this “chip” at all: the sound becomes smeared, quiet, a noticeable “fringe” appears - it’s not at all interesting, for the six months that I use the device, I used the function only a few times and then only for testing. There is also a position of the Norm regulator - turning off all "improvers".If you look at it, I listened to the SBH-600 with Nokia N91 8Gb, N81 8Gb for a very long time, interesting and not very films looked on the laptop, I got acquainted with freshly downloaded music, and so on, I drove it both in the tail and in the mane. Probably, it is worth sharing the experience of use, because you can slightly growl at ergonomics, but you can only slap the device's customization capabilities. For example, it performs quite on an equal footing with the Jabra BT8030, in some ways it is better than the Sony BT-DR50, if you spend a little time and get to know it. With the Nokia N81, I did this: I left the standard equalizer preset on the phone, but turned on Loudness and Stereo Widening, turned on Bass on the headset - very cool for electronic music, all kinds of heavy and evil house. On a laptop, by playing around with the JetAudio equalizer, you can also achieve good sound quality. I'll sum it up this way: great customization options, other similar devices don't have them.

Naturally, I tested the headset and just connecting it via cable, frankly, I didn’t like it very much - with laptops it’s still back and forth, but with a player or a phone it’s not very cool. The SBH-600 is all about wireless connectivity with all its tricky systems working.

Communication with the phone, control is extremely fast thanks to the Bluetooth 2.0 profile, there are no delays, when carried in pockets, I did not have any dips in playback, the range is about five meters. It is interesting that rewinding works inside the composition, you rarely see this feature. The headset receives an MP3 call set on the phone, let me remind you, this is the case with Nokia. When used with a computer, using Skype does not cause any problems, even the answer button worked for me.


The device is extremely interesting, and it becomes even more interesting when you find out the price, it will not be expensive, most likely, the price will be a little more than three thousand rubles, then it will be a very strong offer without any competitors. On the other hand, they can break the price, let's try to imagine that this is five thousand. In this case, the good old Sony BT-DR50 will definitely be the best purchase, you can already buy it in some places for this money. If four thousand, then the SBH-600 will be the best offer. However, my conscience does not allow me to recommend a little thing for purchase, you will definitely need to try it on in the salon before buying, if you feel that you are not sitting, then it is better not to spend money. Ergonomics is the biggest drawback of the device. In my opinion, the SBH-600 is a kind of intermediate link, a laboratory for running proprietary technologies. It is quite possible that already this year we will see smaller Samsung headsets with ICE Power, and that will be very cool. True, in terms of bass, an outstanding little thing.