iconBIT NetTAB Slim PRO tablet review

Now there is a big revival in the market of budget tablets, many well-known and not very manufacturers are trying their hand at this segment. And, nevertheless, a very small number manage to hit the bull's-eye, that is, to release a model with an optimal ratio of characteristics, quality and price. We have a review of iconBIT MATRIX on our website, a very successful model for its time. The NetTAB Slim PRO considered today, on the one hand, can be called the successor to MATRIX, and on the other, an extension of the line of tablets from iconBIT.


  • Tablet,
  • charger,
  • PC cable
  • USB-OTG cable for connecting external devices,
  • Warranty card.

Appearance, controls, materials, assembly

This is an ordinary seven-inch tablet without any design frills. The front part is occupied by the screen, and to the right of it you can see the peephole of the front camera.

On the right are the following connectors: 3.5 mm headphone, microUSB, its own charger connector and the "Reset" hole.

On the left is the power button, volume rocker and memory card slot. The buttons are almost flush with the end and almost do not protrude, so it is not very convenient to use them.

The speaker hole is on the back. The speakers have an average volume, it is enough to watch a movie in a quiet room.

The main material used is matte gray plastic, while the back part is made of corrugated plastic, thanks to which the device is comfortable to hold.

Compared to MATRIX, a lot of work has been done on the bugs, firstly, they got rid of the squeaks of the case, and secondly, the glossy plastic was replaced with more appropriate materials.

As for the assembly itself, here I have a complaint about the power button, due to the fact that it almost does not protrude, pressing is not always processed correctly, the same with the volume rocker. And in my sample, part of the screen departs a little, see the photo below. Otherwise, Slim PRO is well assembled, once again I will be glad for the absence of squeaks.


This tablet is one of the lightest and thinnest in its segment. After Slim PRO, the same Tab 2 7.0 seems to be that “fat man”. Due to its weight, it is convenient to hold the model for a long time with both one and two hands.

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 - (LxWxD) 194x122x11 mm, weight 344 grams
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 - (LxWxD) 197x133x8 mm, weight 335 grams
  • IconBIT NetTAB Matrix - (LxWxD) 188x123x10 mm, weight 308 grams
  • Huawei MediaPad - (LxWxD) 190x124x11 mm, weight 390 grams
  • IconBIT NetTAB Slim PRO - (LxWxD) 197x113.5x10.5 mm, weight 290 grams


The main advantage in MATRIX was a seven-inch screen made using IPS technology, but in Slim PRO they decided to use a regular TFT-matrix with all the ensuing consequences. Screen resolution - 1024x600 pixels, protective coating - plastic, it is scratched. The maximum brightness is comfortable for watching videos in public transport, the minimum brightness is convenient for reading in the dark. The screen is inferior in quality to the same models with IPS displays - it has a lower maximum brightness level and lower viewing angles. When viewing the image on the right and left, the colors are inverted, the situation is slightly better at the top and bottom. In the sun, information is almost indistinguishable.

I cannot call the screen in Slim PRO bad, but it is definitely worse than that of the same MATRIX.

Screen comparison with Acer Iconia Tab A510:

Offline work

The device has a 3200 mAh battery. As you can see, it is slightly smaller than in the same MATRIX (3700 mAh). Apparently, thanks to this, they achieved a smaller thickness of the case.

In HD video mode, with Wi-Fi disabled, the tablet lasted 4 hours at maximum brightness.

In reading mode at 10% brightness and with Wi-Fi off, Slim PRO ran out of battery after the same 4 hours.

In standby mode, Wi-Fi slowly "devours" energy and drains the battery completely in eight hours. Also, with a charge of 18%, the tablet completely turns off and does not turn on until you connect it to the network.

The indicators are very modest, it is clear that the tablet will have to be charged every day.

Operating system

This model is running Android 4.0.4. You can read a detailed overview of the system here.

When connected to a PC, Mass Storage mode is available, this is a definite plus, but each time you need to confirm the connection manually.

There are several apps preinstalled on your tablet:

  • Moon+ Reader
  • Angry Birds
  • Angry Birds Seasons
  • ES File Explorer
  • Kasperskiy anti-virus Tablet


Slim Pro is equipped with a dual-core processor from Amlogic, operating at a frequency of 1.2 GHz. In the settings, you can change the scenario of the processor.

The amount of RAM is 1 GB, the capacity of the internal drive is 4 GB, about 2.5 GB is available to the user.

In terms of performance, the tablet shows good results for a budget model.

For example, unlike MATRIX, here you can use the browser normally, it almost does not crash, pages load quickly.

When scrolling through tables, there are slowdowns, and they either exist or they don’t. In third-party launchers, the situation is better, but sometimes there are still delays.

I tried to play Asphalt 7 on a Slim Pro, the game runs fine, but there are occasional lags, but they do not interfere with the race. During the game, the right side of the tablet gets very hot.

In general, the performance of the tablet is higher than that of similar single-core models, the use of a dual-core processor has a positive effect on the speed of work.

But the stability is not so good. If the screen is off, then after some time the tablet turns off completely. And sometimes you need to connect it to the charger to turn it back on.


The manufacturer claims support for the following video formats: MKV, WMV, MPG, MPEG, DAT, AVI, AVI, MOV. And codecs: H.264 [email protected] WMV/VC-1 SP/MP/AP Full HD. In fact, most files in resolution up to 1080p are played without any slowdowns. However, the Slim Pro gets warm when watching videos.

The player uses its own program, it is very functional, it works great with embedded and external subtitles, including .ass. Also, when using this player, the status bar disappears completely (not hidden, but disappears, so you can watch the video at all seven inches, without the black bar).


Moon+ Reader is preinstalled for reading. This is one of the best reader programs, and for most users it will be enough for everyday use, however, no one bothers to install third-party applications. As I already said, it is convenient to read from a tablet in the dark, but in public transport the maximum brightness is not always enough, the screen type affects.

Working with external devices

Slim Pro comes with a USB-OTG cable, with which you can connect various devices to the tablet. I tried flash drives and a keyboard, they are perfectly recognized, however, for correct text input, I recommend using the rukeyboard program.


Wi-Fi (b/g/n). The tablet has a standard Wi-Fi module. It has average range indicators, there are no special advantages or disadvantages in it.

Accelerometer. There are no complaints about him.


The tablet has a 0.3 MP front camera for video calls. The device is not officially supported by Skype, but you can still make video calls through it. The image quality is not high, but sufficient for a video conference.

There is no rear camera, which is good, in my opinion, it is an unnecessary element that increases the cost of tablets.


The average price of a tablet is 5,700 rubles. For the money, you get one of the cheapest dual-core tablets yet thin and light. There are many competitors, they are all united by two features: a single-core processor and an IPS screen.


Digma ids7. The seven-inch tablet from Digma is in the same price segment, it has a single-core processor and an IPS screen, and a case is also included with the model. Initially, the model lacks the Play Market. The average cost is 5,400 rubles.

Iconbit MATRIX. Even the company's own tablet is a competitor to the Slim Pro. The pros and cons are the same - IPS-screen, single-core processor. The average cost is 5,900 rubles.

Explay Informer 702. The same single-core processor and IPS screen, as well as an attractive price of 5,000 rubles.

According to user feedback, all three competitors have build and stability issues, but Slim Pro does not. For web surfing and games, I would recommend paying attention to this model, but if you like to read and watch movies, then it is better to look towards models with an IPS screen.

If iconBIT decided to install an IPS-matrix in Slim Pro (even if the price increased a little), then it would “beat” all competitors, but for now TCL Uhd Smart TV 65inches can be called a good tablet, but as I said above, for video and reading, it will be less convenient than its competitors.

Upd: recently a Matrix II tablet appeared on the company's website, which has such characteristics, I will try to get it for a test in the near future.