Beddit sleep tracker review

I like to keep track of my sleep activity, this data is interesting from the point of view of both statistics and general curiosity. However, I am very sensitive about bracelets and simply cannot fall asleep with them (or it takes much longer).

In this regard, Beddit is just a salvation for me, because you don’t have to wear it on your arm, but just put it under a sheet or under a mattress. The gadget is a thin white ribbon measuring 70x10 cm with a USB cable extending from it. Saved on the included charger, so you have to buy it separately. Plus you will need an outlet next to the bed of Construction & Skilled trade CVs in Nigeria. I had no problems with this, and the cable is neatly hidden under the bed, so the gadget is not annoying at all.

I'm very picky about comfort while sleeping, not only the bracelet would annoy me, but even an extra tape under the sheet, so I placed the Beddit under the mattress, where it can't be seen or felt.

The reverse side of the tape is adhesive, you can attach it to the slats

The app's daily hints are a nice bonus. Here it sees that I fall asleep for a long time, and tells me that there is no need to worry, everyone has insomnia. Did you know that even just being in bed with your eyes closed, your body regenerates? Beddit tells me, and I no longer worry so much about falling asleep for a long time. And sometimes you receive various tips on how to use the tracker by mail.

Beddit is also especially worried about snoring, warns that snoring is affected by junk food, that you should go to the doctor, etc.

There are also general hints, such as the fact that lack of sleep affects not only productivity, but also creativity, that stress can cause insomnia, etc.

I can't say that all tips are informative and useful, but reading them every day is definitely interesting.

The attentive reader immediately sees the key drawback of Beddit - this, of course, is the manual activation / deactivation of the gadget. The developers came up with a solution to this problem, Beddit can automatically detect that you are in bed, and only then start measuring. I do not use this feature because it keeps the microphone active almost all the time and negatively affects the smartphone's battery life.

I was amazed at how accurately Beddit tracks your sleep. For example, sometimes I have situations when I lie awake for one and a half to two hours. As a result, I decide not to torture myself and get up to work, for example. I turn off the sleep counter and see that the tracker did not give me a single point, that is, it understands when you have a light sleep, when you are deep, and when you can’t fall asleep at all.

There is also a smart alarm in the application, but it works just awful. I have used it several times and every time I woke up broken because of it.

All statistics are synchronized with Apple Health, the application itself has beautiful tables for viewing sleep dynamics. It is displayed either in points or in hours of sleep.

I had an old version of the tracker on the test, I used it for about three months, and just the other day I received a notification that the old generation is no longer supported, but in order to support users of previous versions, Beddit sends out new third-generation trackers for free. Since Russia is not included in the list of countries, I was simply offered to buy a new tracker on my own, and then request a refund via PayPal. I haven't taken advantage of this offer yet, so I'll update the article later with a review or a full review of the fresh Beddit 3.


The first version could be bought for 6,000 rubles, and the third is now sold for 10,000. This is a complete and very accurate sleep monitoring tool, and, unlike fitness trackers, it does not need to be worn on the wrist.

Yes, I’ll buy 10 Xiaomi Mi Band 2 for that kind of money,” a dissatisfied commentator will tell me. But from the fact that there will be ten bracelets, they will not begin to measure sleep more accurately or annoy less when trying to fall asleep with a foreign object on the arm. Beddit is one of the few solutions that offers comfortable placement under the mattress and very accurate measurements of sleep phases. Of the competitors, I remember Withings Aura, it is more interesting with its lamp with a speaker, but it costs one and a half to two times more.

The author would like to thank di-House for providing the Beddit sleep tracker for testing.